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Pixel Warfare 2

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Pixel Warfare V2 is a flash-based first person shooting game available online for free. The game is very interesting and it is inspired by Minecraft and has quickly become a popular game amongst gamers these days. The gameplay of Pixel Warfare 2 is sketched in an interesting way that one does not seem to know how their time passes. The plot is taken out as bits and pieces from games such as Minecraft and Call Of Duty and have combined it with Modern Warfare to provide gamers countless hours of gameplay. Anywhere up to 6 players can play the game. New weapons and characters can be unlocked as the player completes each mission. The player may even customize the characters and change the skins of the weapons. The designers are making sure that new locations are available

as maps every week. The mission of the game Pixel Warfare 2 is so simple that one group of players must defeat the other before they take advantage of them. The player must level up the character and reach the highest level. The battle takes place in few profoundly designed places that makes the mission lively and lets the gamer feel that they are on a real mission though everything happens virtually. Features and difficulty of levels make you fall in love with this game. Some of the features of Pixel Warfare 2 stands out the game from other games in its platform, this is:

The storyline of the game is very simple and interesting which is attracting lower age groups a lot.

Best In Its category:
This game is one of the best 3 dimensional first person shooting games based in flash.

Old But Renewed Graphics:
The graphics is inspired from older 8 bit games. This has helped it stand unique amidst other games.

There are wide varieties of weapons for the gamers to make use of. The chance of completing the mission successfully depends on the weapons acquired in the process of play.

The game is designed to occur in different locations as well. This provides the gamers variation rather than tending to make them bored with less or no variety at all. In order to assist the gamer while in play, maps are provided. Pixel Warfare 2 is all you need to improve your mood and improve your gaming abilities. Wish you a good pastime with this incredible online flash game.

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